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Deeds from Limited Partnerships

Deeds from limited partnerships must be executed in the name of the limited partnership in accordance with statutory requirements. Prior to insuring title to such conveyance it will be necessary to verify, through the Department of State, that the partnership is in good standing and has remained in good standing since it took title to the property being conveyed. In addition, a copy of the partnership agreement or a supporting affidavit in recordable form should be obtained which establishes that the general partner executing the deed is authorized to convey real property held by the limited partnership and that the limited partnership agreement has not been amended, modified, or revoked. Only a general partner may execute a deed on behalf of a limited partnership. Limited partners may not execute such instruments. The general partner executing the deed on behalf of the limited partnership cannot have been nor currently be a debtor in a bankruptcy proceeding, because a partnership may not be bound by a conveyance executed by a bankrupt partner. Additionally, item 3 in the Deeds from General Partnerships section applies to this section.