Endorsements to title policies serve to modify or amend the wording or language of the title policies, thereby expanding or sometimes limiting the coverage afforded under such title policies. This section details the requirements for various types of Endorsements.


Endorsements: Overview

Balloon Mortgage Endorsements

Condominium Endorsement (ALTA 4 and 4.1)

Environmental Protection (ALTA 8.1)

Manufactured Housing Endorsement (ALTA 7)

Navigational Servitude Endorsement

Owner's Inflation Protection Endorsement

PUD Endorsement (ALTA 5 and 5.1)

Restrictions, Easements, Minerals (ALTA 9, Comprehensive Endorsement)

Revolving Credit Endorsement

ANTIC Blank Endorsement (Form 780)

Variable Rate Endorsement (ALTA 6)

Variable Rate Endorsement (Negative Amortization) (ALTA 6.2)

Zoning Endorsement (ALTA 3)

Zoning Endorsement, Expanded (ALTA 3.1)