Execution of Instruments

Execution of Instruments: Underwriting Guidelines

Agents National Title requires that you obtain proof positive (valid, government issue picture identification which includes signature) that persons executing instruments are, in fact, who they say they are. Also, documentary proof that persons signing documents on behalf of others (such as attorneys-in-fact, trustees, partners, etc.) have the authority to execute same on behalf of such others, absolutely must be obtained for each transaction. 


Although Agents National Title does not endorse mail-away closings, in certain instances it may be necessary. To help eliminate problems and lessen the possibility for error or fraud, contact a local attorney or Agents National Title agent in the area to close the transaction for you. Obtain the telephone number of the notary acknowledging the instrument and verify the signatures with him or her by telephone. Also, request that the notary return photocopies of the signatories driverís license to you so that you may compare the signatures on the license against those on the documents. 


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