Manufactured Housing

Manufactured Housing: Overview

The ALTA Form 7, Manufactured Housing Endorsement, is issued as affirmative coverage that the manufactured housing unit situated on the insured land is included in the policy definition of “land.” The individual prefab pieces delivered to the site are considered personal property until they are erected into a finished unit and attached to the land, at which time they convert to real property and, therefore, become part of the land as defined in the terms of the ALTA policies


Caution must be exercised to be sure that the manufactured units are permanently attached to the land and all ownership and liens applicable to the units as personal property have been terminated. Title certificates must be surrendered and purged, UCC liens (both separately filed with the Secretary of State and in the land records and noted on the Certificate of Title) must be fully paid and released, and all sales and personal property taxes paid and terminated. The units must be transferred to be taxed with the land as real property.