Property abutting any body of water


1.  Any and all rights of the United States of America, the State/Commonwealth of _________________, the local government and the public, if any, in and to so much of the land lying below the high water mark of the ___________________, unaffected by fill, man-made jetties and bulkheads.

2.  Title to that portion of the property lying below the high water mark of ___________________. 

3.  Subject to any wetland regulation by the local, state or federal authorities and the rights of the public, if any. 

4.  Riparian or littoral rights are not insured. 

5.  Title to artificially filled lands, submerged lands, or land which may have been under water or which has been added to the subject property by accretion, reliction, or avulsion is not insured. 

6.  Any claim alleging that the actual acreage or square footage of the insured parcel is less than the amount in the parcel described in Schedule A. 

7.  Any claim based upon ambiguity or uncertainty in the exact location of the boundary along the highwater line of ___________________.

8.  Rights of the public to use the lands below the highwater line for fishing, fowling, navigating, or conducting commerce. 

9.  Title to or the right to use or maintain any docks, piers, bulkheads, jetties, or artificially filled lands are not insured. 

10. Navigational servitude over that portion of the property that is or may have been under water.