Survey Matters

Survey Matters: Overview

The standard exception regarding survey matters may be deleted provided a current acceptable survey, properly certified, is received. In order to be considered acceptable, the survey must reflect the property address (where available), city, county, and state where the property is located; the lot/block and subdivision name, along with applicable plat book and page number or accurate metes and bounds description; clearly defined boundary lines and notation of any discrepancies in the measurement of property lines; location of property in relation to the nearest discernable monument, where possible; location of all improvements in relation to property lines, notation of any encroachments between subject and adjoining properties; and any visible uses of the property which would indicate potential easements. Any easements, encroachments, or boundary line disputes as revealed by the survey, must be specifically excepted to in both the owner’s and loan policies including reference to the survey reflecting such matters. The standard survey exception may be deleted, provided specific exceptions are made as to the matters above.