Cemeteries: Overview

In order for a tract of land used for cemetery purposes to be insurable, it must be properly dedicated for such purposes, with no prior restriction against such usage, and be permissible under applicable law. Some lands, especially family-owned rural tracts, may contain private burial plots or family cemeteries, without having been officially “dedicated” for those purposes.  Such lands may be insured but the portion containing burial plots cannot be insured. An acceptable survey must be received showing the location of the burial plots or cemetery areas. Exceptions must be noted on Schedule B for rights or claims of parties in possession or any parties claiming any kinds of rights or ownership in the land by virtue of its use for burial plots or cemetery purposes. An exception must also be included to any rights or claims of easement or ingress and egress to or from burial plots (this exception must apply to the portion of the land being insured). 


Individual burial plots are not insurable.